What is Geyserwise?

Geyserwise history and development

Geyserwise was based in 2004 by Meinhard Fourie when it was recognized that there is a great need within the market to measure as well as manage electrical consumption involved with household geysers.

The first units were developed and tested in 2005 with help from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and it has since developed into Geyserwise Max, which is the management of alternative as far solar water trade in South Africa is concerned. Throughout 2010, Geyserwise achieved the residential class in the ETA Awards, and it continues to critically analyse the consumption of energy throughout a number of residential and commercial users, helping to determine the opportunities that exist to reduce and improve efficiencies in applications.

Geyserwise Product Range

Geyserwise offers an intensive product range that’s spread across:

Geyserwise Max

Geyserwise TSE

Geyserwise Probe Extension

Geyserwise Display Extension

Geyserwise Max

The Geyserwise Max is an clever controller which is specifically designed to handle the hot water wants of the household. It does this to one of the best advantage from an energy and economical perspective and makes use of professional methods, with the management system run by a microprocessor. The Geyserwise Max can be utilized:

As a geyser timer

In pumped solar water heating systems.

As a timer on thermosyphon solar systems.

As a timer and differential control on pumped solar systems.

Geyserwise TSE

This is a revolutionary product that helps households reduce their electricity expenditure while simultaneously decreasing their carbon footprint. With this clever energy control system, the consumer can:

Program, monitor, and control the energy consumption of the geyser digitally.

Save up to 20% on the electricity bill.

Protect the household’s geyser from malfunctions as well because the build up of scale and ingredient failure which is typically inherent of geysers.

In addition to these products, Geyserwise also provides an extensive range spread throughout:


Electronic thermostats

PV Water heating systems

Solar water heating accessories


The product range of elements that Geyserwise provides consists of:

1500 W PTC AC Elements.

2200 W PTC AC Elements.

3000 W PTC AC Elements.

Electronic Thermostats

The product range of thermostats that Geyserwise gives consists of:

Geyserwise Twin

Geyserwise Max

Geyserwise Delta T

Geyserwise TSE

PV Water Heating Systems

The product range of PV Water Heating systems that Geyserwise provides consists of:

100L PV Water Heating System.

150L PV Water Heating System.

200L PV Water Heating System.

Solar Water Heating Accessories

The accessories offered by Geyserwise includes:

10W PV Solar Water Heating Panel

12V Solar Water Pump

220V Solar Water Pump

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